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The inspiration for my artwork comes from what I see in the world, the moments in time that seem to slip away quickly.

I have a colorful view of the world. I use a liberal play of color and the color of my humor. I want the audience to feel lighthearted and experience a sense of being entertained. 

Depending on the medium I am using, my technique will vary. 

My oil paintings are bold and ask the viewer to stop and look. Using a gel-like medium mixed in with the paint, I build up texture using an “impasto” painting technique. I apply the paint to the canvas using a palette knife, where I often blend and mix colors directly onto the surface.

With soft pastels, my paintings are peaceful and serene landscapes that invite the viewer into the scene. Once I block the basic shapes and underpainting colors, I use an alcohol wash to blend the colors and set the pigment to the UArt 400 sanded pastel paper mounted to a paperboard backing. Then I apply soft pastes using a light touch and layers of color to achieve my effect. 

Acrylic is a medium I also love to use. The fast-drying properties of this medium let me work quickly and in layers. I use brushwork and sometimes acrylic pens to complete my compositions.

Mixed Media is also a medium I love to use.  I’ve created Beer-Label art pieces for the LeftHand Artist Group Label show since 2017. In addition to beer labels, I also create art journals with recycled materials. 

Photography was my first love. I was gifted my first camera at the age of 14. My current camera is an Olympus OMD, a compact camera with built-in digital filters. It’s a delight to take on vacation.

Heil Valley Ranch

8x10” oil painting
Framed = 11x14”
450 USD

Painted “Plein Air” (outdoors on-site) at Heil Valley Ranch, located in Loveland, Colorado,  The ranch spans over 4,000 acres of rolling hills, meadows, and woodlands, and I found endless possibilities for capturing the natural beauty of the area.

Flat Irons at
Chautauqua Park, in Boulder, Colorado

10”x5” Pastel on paper
350 USD

I was invited to paticipate in a “Plein Air” painting event sponsored by Open Studios of Boulder County . Artists were invited to paint at Chautauqua Park,  in Boulder. This venue is a picturesque outdoor space known for its stunning views of the Flatirons and its historical significance. I had never painted here before, but painting plein air at Chautauqua Park  was amazing due to its natural beauty and serene atmosphere.

Can You Hear the Frogs?

8’x10” Pastel on paper
Framed size 12x20”
450 USD

Inspired by an evening bike ride through Golden Ponds Park on the St Vrain River in Longmont, Colorado. It was sunset, and as I cruised through on the bike path, there was silence. Except for a million frogs croaking. It was a very special moment in time that I had to capture in a painting.

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